Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sunshine Umbrella Girl

I'm thinking about creating a series of images (possibly for prints) using this young lady. I call her the "Sunshine Umbrella Girl" because she's based on this image I did a couple of years ago. Anyway I created this pose sheet to explore her character a little further. Who knows maybe I'll get a story out of her too.


  1. Hey Chris! She is terrific! I can see a few stories popping up just out of the poses and expressions you've posted here. I checked out your original sunshine girl... you really peronalitied her up. NICE!

  2. what a great character, chris! I love the shape of her head, those super-expressive eyes and great expressions... you make it look so easy!

  3. Wow man, one of my favorite posts by so so far... her expressions are priceless and flawless! You're really good at this! How do you go about makin such expressions? Do you look for reference? A little inside tip from the man himself would be great! :)

  4. Very cool stuff Chris.

    Most people would have gone for soft "feminine" curves and smooth angles - but I like the way you've gone for a rectangle construction.

    Adds a lot of character. Hope to see her in some of your upcoming work.


  5. Chris she is SUPER AWESOME! I really love the original image too. Can't wait to see some finished artwork of Sunshine Umbrella Girl! (totally rad name too by the way!)

  6. Thanks guys really nice comments :)

    Abz- Looking at "Art of" books esp Kung Fu Panda are great inspiration. Nico Marlet creates page after page of expressions, every one of them unique. But when I come to do my own I try not to reference expressions too much, otherwise I just end up copying them.

    So usually I start off with the head shape and try to tilt and angle it as many ways as I can. Then I do the same with eye line guides. Even just by doing this I find subtle expressions tend to suggest themselves just from playing with the angles.

    At that point I try and create a little scenario for the expression, even if its just a little one. It's purely something for the character to react to. Seeing something pretty, getting into trouble, hatching a plan, getting upset with a friend. All these little moments in life we've all experienced create different emotions.

    Um..hope that helps in some way. Can't say I've ever tried to explain it before, but there you go.

    By the way I don't believe I'm an expert in these things at all, and I'm still constantly learning myself.



  7. Very cute girl. I love the poses and expressions.

  8. Good sketches!! I like specially the girl who sticks out the tongue. You are, how the people say in my country, "un artista".

  9. Your work is beautifullll! I love your character designs. This one has such a sweet charming look :) Love it!

  10. Anyway I created this pose sheet to explore her character a little further. Who knows maybe I'll get a story out of her umbrella

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